This is current affairs quiz For various SSC exams, interview, competitive examinations, and entrance test.

1. Who was appointed as Protem Chairman of the Lalit Kala Akademi?

a) ML Srivastava
b) Susham Dhawan
c) Madhav Chakravarty
d) Ramakrishna Reddy

2. When was the GST E-way Bill rolled-out in India?

a) 1 March 2018
b) 1 April 2018
c) 1 February 2018
d) 1 January 2018

 Who was appointed as the Director-General of the National Testing Agency (NTA)?

a) Rajini Pandey
b) Kishori Lal Mehta
c) Vineet Joshi
d) Saurabh Gupta

4. Who was elected as the President of Egypt recently?

a) Sherif Ismail
b) Nubar Pasha
c) Ahmed Sisi
d) Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

5. R K Dorendra Singh, who passed away recently, belonged to which field?

a) Politics
b) Music
c) Sports
d) Theatre

6. Who was appointed as the Deputy Election Commissioner of India?

a) RS Grover
b) Chandra Bhushan Kumar
c) Sanjay Batra
d) Girish Kumar

7. Which country has launched its first accessible trekking trail for the disabled and elderly?

a) India
b) Bhutan
c) Nepal
d) Sikkim

 8. Which country has become the world’s second largest producer of mobile phones?

a) United States
b) India
c) China
d) South Korea

Which state has introduced the ‘Rupashree scheme’ for marriage of poor girls?

a) Jharkhand
b) Odisha
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) West Bengal

Which country’s out-of-control space station crashed into Earth’s atmosphere recently?

a) China
b) Russia
c) United States
d) Iran


1-A 2-B 3-C 4-D 5-A
6-B 7-C 8-B 9-D 10-A


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