Q1. In a certain code, GOAL is written as JRDO. How is PLAN written in that code? 
(a) SPDQ
(b) SODQ
(c) SOCP
(d) SODP
Q2. In a certain code, RELIEF is written as QFKKDI. How is WELCOME written in that code?  
Q3. If in a certain language, CRASH is code as XMVNC, which word would be coded as TRAIN?  
Q4. It BANKING is coded as LMJROMP, then how will KING be coded?  
(a) ROMQ
(b) MJRO
(c) ROML
(d) ROMP
Q5. In in a certain code, RAT = 39 and CHAT = 32, then how will you code TWITTER?  
(a) 111
(b) 112
(c) 114
(d) 115
Q6. If COBRA can be written as 3152181, how can GORILLA be written?  
(a) 71516912121
(b) 71418912121
(c) 71518912121
(d) 71518712121
Q7.  If MOBILITY is coded as 46293927, then EXAMINATION is coded as  
(a) 45038401854
(b) 56149512965
(c) 57159413955
(d) 67250623076
Q8. In a certain code, BRAIN is written as *%÷#× and TIER is written as $#+%. How is TRAIN written in that code?  
(a) $ %×#*
(b) $%÷#×
(c) $ %+×+
(d) ÷+×%$
Q9. If ‘car’ is called ‘pink’, ‘bike’ is called ‘blue’, ‘cycle’ is called ‘black’ and ‘aeroplane’ is called ‘yellow’, what would fly in sky?  
(a) pink
(b) black
(c) yellow
(d) blue
Q10. If ‘table’ is  ‘book’, ‘book’ is ‘pen’, ‘pen’ is ‘eraser’,  ‘eraser’ is ‘sharpener’, ‘sharpener’ is ‘pencil’ and ‘pencil’ is ‘school’, then what is used by student to sharp pencil?
(a) sharpener
(b) pencil
(c) pen
(d) eraser


1-b 2-c 3-b 4-d 5-d
6-c 7-b 8-b 9-c 10-b

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