Dear Students, Science is an important part of  Science Questions of SSC CGL, CHSL, and CPO. In SSC CGL, 5-8 questions were asked from this part. So we provide 15 Questions of SCIENCE every day .

Q.1) Which organ gets affected by Weil’s disease?
Ans: Kidney

Q. 2) When the office of the President and the Vice-President fall vacant simultaneously, who acts as President?
Ans: Chief Justice of India

Q. 3) HDI is an aggregate measure of progress in which of the 3 dimensions?
Ans: Health, Education, Income

Q. 4) ___  involves traversing the entire file system, marking everything that can be accessed.
Ans: Index Pointer

Q. 5) Preservation of historical articles is done in science of
Ans: Options not available

Q. 6) Goitre is caused by the deficiency of __
Ans: Iodine

Q. 7) The speaker of Lok Sabha is removed by __
Ans: A resolution passed by Lok Sabha

Q. 8) The chemical that is used to ripen mangoes is __
Ans: Calcium Carbide

Q. 9) Alfalfa is the name of a __
Ans: Grass

Q. 10) The longest railway line connects __
Ans: Leningrad to Vladivostok

Q. 11) The daily weather Map of India is prepared and printed at-
Ans: Pune

Q. 12) The official Rio Olympic slogan
Ans: A New World

Q. 13) How many constitutional amendments have been made till now?
Ans: 122

Q. 14) Which of the following countries is not a member of G-8 ?

Q. 15) The working committee of National Congress sanctioned the resolution named ‘Quit India’ at-
Ans: Bombay

Q. 16) Nylon threads are made of
Ans: Polyamide polymer

Q. 17) The term ‘smasher’ is associated with
Ans: Volley-ball

Q. 18) The capital of Mauryan kingdom?
Ans: Pataliputra

Q. 19) For photoelectric effect to take place, the metal should have __
Ans: Low work function

Q.20) The instrument used for photographing the sun is called __
Ans: Spectroheliograph

Q. 21) The main protein found in milk is __
Ans: Casein

Q. 22) The chairman of National Disaster Management Authority is __
Ans: Prime Minister

Q. 23) Which country won men’s Hockey Champions Trophy?
Ans: Australia

Q. 24) Which tax is levied by State govt only?
Ans: Entertainment tax

Q. 25) IPC Section 124A relate to __
Ans: Sedition

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