As you all know that many competitive exams are going too held in next month for all the various posts. So you   need to make the study plan so studying according to it to crack the exam .If you have a dream and  want to become something  in life  then  make the one rule or habit to follow it and get success  in your competition exam , it will definite to get the key to success . So we are here to provide you tip and trick to help in study plan and strategies to crack it.

Step to prepare the study plan of the exam:-

There are few step of preparing study plan of the exam:-

  1. Subject syllabus
  2. Smart study
  3. Notes making
  4. Daily revision

1.Syllabus and pattern: – Before you start taking any strategy for the exam first you must be known to about the syllabus and pattern of the exam. It will give you the information to know about the detailing of syllabus and pattern of the exam and to decide the study plan according to it.

2.Analaysing : now to do the analyse to know  that in which subject you are weak and in which subject  you are weak  and in which you are weak.  The topics in which you are weak needs more attention and time for preparation.


  Section                      Time to spenddaily

Quantitative Ability                                  4 hours
Reasoning Ability                                     2 hours
English Language                                      2 hours
General Awareness                                  2 hours

Total Time                                  10 hour


  1. smart study :- you should not to read and prepare from a lot of books. You have to take few imp books and analyse it and starting studying it.
  2. Note making : -while you start studying  you should make the note of the topics . it will give you the benefit of two things
  • To improve your writing skills
  • To understand the things in better way

So i advise you to make  notes and  the things in better way

  1. Daily revision :- If you are done with your preparation, then it’s just not all enough. You have to do the revision of all the topics you have studied.


Usually, aspirants  don’t get much time to revise, but this is the big mistake that usually aspirants  make. So for this, when you make study plan do the following things:

  •  Set some days in the last for revising the topics and subject matters.
  •  Write down the important things that you need to revise, once you are done.
  •  Make short notes.
  •  Write important short tricks and formulas.








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